With wedding season soon upon us we thought it would be prudent to discuss what happens to existing wills after you get married. 

So, does getting married effect an existing will?

The simple answer is… YES! 

When you get married, any will you have in place is automatically revoked (cancelled) unless it was made in contemplation of the marriage taking place.

If you do not then sign a new will, when you die the rules of intestacy will dictate how your assets will be divided. 

The actual distribution of assets depends on the makeup of your family and the whole of your estate will not automatically pass directly to your spouse. 

The rules of intestacy do not include partners or cohabitees and if you want to make gifts to friends or charities then you need to have a will in place.

To take the stress out of putting a new will in place after the big day (not really something you want to be thinking about prior to jetting off on your honeymoon!) we would recommend you seek advice at least 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding so that you can put a will in place that will remain valid after you take your vows.

Ollie and the team at Tyto Law can help you to put a will in place, whether you are getting married or not, so why not email us at info@tytolaw.co.uk or call us on 01724 642 842 and get this sorted.