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For most of us, death, illness and taxes are all subjects we don’t wish to dwell on. However, they are all important issues that affect us and our family, and where we can exert some control we ought to do so.

First, you can set up your Will service appointment in your home, office, or location most convenient for you. Second, we’ll explain the importance of Wills, Trusts, and Lasting Powers of Attorney; why they are important; and suggest ways that you can put steps in place to give you peace of mind for the future. By drafting a Will, Lasting Powers of Attorney or setting up Trusts, not only will your wishes be carried out as you would like but you can also protect your family and friends from costly and stressful legal disputes.

Our Prices

Because everyone’s circumstances are different the costs of your Will can vary and depending on the nature of your estate this will be reflected in the amount of time it takes to draft.  As a rule, we provide three types of Will:

Basic Will

This will make your wishes clear, avoid confusion and conflict amongst your loved ones, and will be legally valid and binding.

You will be able to name beneficiaries, guardians for children under 18, give details about specific items you want to pass on and name your executors.

From £150+ VAT

Mirror Wills from £250+VAT

Standard Will

As per a Basic Will but with the addition of a Trust, for a beneficiary or because inheritance tax planning is required. Also, advice on lifetime gifts. 

From £500+ VAT

Mirror Wills from £800+VAT

Complex Will

As per Standard Will but with multiple Trusts, additional inheritance tax and wealth planning.

Bespoke quote depending on requirements


What are Trusts?

A Trust can be set up through your Will to help protect and control wealth for the benefit of your family/loved ones. Trusts enable people to place assets under the control of others, so that they have full responsibility to manage those assets for the benefit of whomever is chosen, according to a set of instructions. There are many different types of trusts and I can advise you on the different benefits to assess which is appropriate for your circumstances.

Trusts can be hugely beneficial but they can also be complex to set up. I can advise on the timing, beneficiaries and any tax implication on the duties of a trustee.


Things you Need to Consider Before Making a Will

Who will be your Executors?

Simply put, your executors are people you assign to ‘execute’ or carry out your will. Your Executors have the legal and administrative task of sorting out your assets and debts after you die and making sure that your wishes as outlined in the Will are upheld.

How do you know a Will is valid?

To be valid, the person making the Will must be mentally competent, the Will must be correctly signed and witnessed, and show no evidence of tampering. The witnesses to the Will cannot be beneficiaries, or related to beneficiaries and must be over 18.

If there is any doubt, or potential for dispute as to your mental competence, you should get a doctor’s confirmation of your capacity to make the will and include it with your Will.

Who will be your beneficiaries and what effect will their inheritance have on their circumstances?

You can designate anyone as a beneficiary and distribute your assets in any way you like, however, if you don’t provide for your family and dependents, your will can be contested.

You also should consider the effects that an inheritance may have on your beneficiaries.

How often should I review my Will?

You should certainly review your Will after any major events, such as marriage, divorce, property purchase or sale, the death of a beneficiary or if your assets change significantly. We also recommend that you take a look at your will every couple of years to ensure that your most updated wishes are carried out should the worst happen.


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