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Sports Law

Sports Law Solicitors

We provide legal services for both sporting organisations and individual athletes facing the unique challenges of playing a professional or amateur sport.

Each face their own set of legal issues that impact their sporting lives, ranging from the legal ways to set up and manage a team or club, to licensing, sponsorship, insurance issues, tax regulations, employment law, communication with stakeholders and management of player/club procedures with regard to keeping fit and healthy.

We provide assistance to athletes & sporting organisations by providing legal advice for:

Media and broadcast compliance

– Drafting of sponsorship agreements

– Trademark protection

– Merchandising law

– Sports endorsements

– Protection of intellectual property for teams, athletes and sporting events, including the usage of names, logos, images and signage.

– Public liability law for sporting venues – including guidelines for safety.

– Sports governance – including advice on legislation, setting up business entities, drafting constitutional laws/by-laws, and advice for club directors.

– Advice on matters involving performance-enhancing drugs – including assistance with drafting anti-doping policies and legal representation for athletes in court.


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