The former EastEnders star has revealed that she got less money than expected from her mother’s will.

The 50-year-old actress made a surprising claim on Instagram that the money meant for her family ended up “in the wrong hands” after her mother Anna Santi died very suddenly of an aneurysm in 2018, at the age of 67.  At the time, the actress described her mother as her best friend and her death as the “worst thing ever.”

The EastEnders star said she managed to buy a shepherd’s hut which she will rent out as a holiday let. But she added that she would have had more money if her mother had an up-to-date will.

Tamzin wrote: “The view from the new shepherd’s hut is just beautiful. After a tense journey from London, the unveiling of the long awaited hut should have been joyful. Unfortunately myself and two kids arrived crying from a family discussion.

“I used the money left to me when my mum died, which should have been more, but mum didn’t have a current will so her kids did not get what was meant for them.”

Concluding her message, she added: ‘Moral of the story? Get a current will! If not all your hard earned money and assets could end up in the wrong hands.’

Tamzin’s Instagram post was met with several sympathetic messages from her followers, some who shared similar stories.

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